Belcard JSC Policy in the Field of Quality

To be better today,
Than we were yesterday,
To be better tomorrow,
Than we are today.

Our mission is to produce components for motor vehicles and tractors, competitive in terms of quality and price, which ensure a stable financial position of the Company and the growth of staff earnings.

Our main strategic aim is to meet customer needs and expectations by means of continuous improvement of quality, durability and reliability of our products and by establishing long-term partnership, based on mutual trust.

Achieving this aim is realized through the development, implementation and maintenance of the Quality Management System which meets the requirements of ISO 9001, STB ISO 9001, ISO / TS 16949, STB ISO / TS 16949.

The customer is our confidence in the future and to keep business relations with our customer, we intend to:

  • constantly improve the Quality Management System and increase its effectiveness;
  • continuously carry out marketing research to determine the current and anticipated customer requirements as well as to raise customer satisfaction with our products;
  • implement innovative projects aimed at the technical modernization and implementation of progressive technologies for the purpose of product quality improvement;
  • maintain the manufacturing facilities, so that products of high quality level can be produced;
  • develop the capability of our staff, provide them with all necessary resources, grant necessary powers and responsibilities to achieve the planned goals and fulfill the obligations;
  • increase the staff motivation, create conditions for all-round development of the staff and fuller development of their creative abilities and self-fulfillment;
  • set up mutually beneficial and long-term relations with suppliers of materials and components.

High quality is the norm for all our products, and we will ensure high quality achievement by each employee understanding that the quality of his work influences the consumer’s interest in our products tomorrow, and this is our prosperity.

Belcard JSC top management takes responsibility for the implementation of this policy, intends to be guided by it and appeals for this to each employee.

In 2015 the Quality Management System as regards designing, developing and manufacturing of components for motor vehicles and tractors was certified to meet the requirements of STB ISO/TS 16949-2010 “Quality Management Systems. Special requirements to the application of STB ISO 9001-2009 for organizations, that produce components and spare parts used in the automobile production ", which is confirmed by the Conformity Certificate in the National Conformity Approval System of the Republic of Belarus № BY/112 05 07.003.00004 (valid till 04.12.2018).

In 2016 Belcard JSC is planning to carry out the certification of its Quality Management System to meet the requirements of international standard ISO/TS 16949 in the certification body, accredited by IATF.