Today BELCARD JSC is a modern facility equipped with heavy- duty metalworking and forging equipment: automatic transfer lines, machine tools, semi-automatic machines, special devices and tools.

The Works consists of Mechanical Assembly Division, Forging and Pressing Division, Mechanism and Tool Division as well as a number of support services and shops. The Divisions are well equipped to produce driveshafts of up-to date technical niveau. The company is proud of its well trained staff.

They apply practically all types of machining at Mechanical Assembly Division. Here you’ll find Painting Site and the Site for galvanic and polymeric coating.

Forging and Pressing Division provides full production release of the main program and fulfills orders. In the production process they apply all types of heat treatment, including tempering, martempering, normalization, casehardening, r.f. current hardening.

Mechanism and Tool Division appeared as a result of the development of the Instrumental site. It provides Mechanical Assembly Division and Forging and Pressing Division with a wide range of metal-working tools, quickly wear equipment, work and control devices, measurement tools, molds, dies for cold forming and forging dies. Mechanism and Tool Division is equipped with unique equipment to repair presses, high-performance machining centers with computer control, the site for casting dies, spark erosion site, heat treatment site which allows the company to solve problems of any technical complexity.

In the production process of Automobile Units Site they apply modern equipment and modern technology, such as assembly line for valve compression UiMA-TRA01ZHG (Slovakia), cutting machine for pipes PEDRAZZOLI (Italy), assembly equipment and test stands BILSTEIN (Germany), forging equipment Shuler and SMG (Germany), thermoplastic machines Demag ET 200-840 EXTRA (Germany), stand Ang to remove power characteristics of commercial absorbers.

Quality management system has been certified according to ISO 9001-2001. Accredited testing laboratory, central laboratory and central laboratory of measuring equipment function at the company. Now the company started procedures to develop and implement Quality Management System for compliance with the requirements of ISO 16949:2002 which regulate the activity of automobile manufacturers and their suppliers.